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Integral Carcase Disein

The width of the closet on the left 2050mm, right 3650mm;
- depth of 600 mm;
- 2800 mm high.
- Cell components are made of LDSP.
- cream.
Design characteristics:
Two built-in closets are located at right angles to each other, G-shaped;
free of the rear wall, without the floor, without the ceiling;
- removal under the smooth board;
- 6 sliding doors;
- German Raumplus sliding doors;
- Complementing the doors of the combined LDSP, the lumbar and the LDSP buk almau.
- VIBO movable shoe (in Italy);
- Long hung for clothing;
- Joker system;
- VIBO sliding tie (in Italy);
- boxes of full nomination.

Are you moving to a new apartment or doing repairs in an old apartment? Are you gonna throw out the old furniture and think about putting it in her place? You need something that's gonna be very fitting and fit into modern design.

Your attention is given to the built-in angular cupboard♪ This plan will be a closet for the living room or the bedroom. For masters who don't like superficial space, and there's nothing in the interior - it's simple, fashionable and tasteful. They love warm, sweet eyes. Coal cabinets have recently taken a strong position on the popular market. Modern models charm fashion and style design, and the use of quality materials guarantees long years of service. The use of cornering cabinets is often practised in rooms with a big angle or room with a room that is not well used. Another advantage of such a closet is that he won't collect dust, which will significantly improve the atmosphere of your apartment.

This project provides a G-shaped cabinet.

The angular closet is two closets that have a relatively one at 90 degrees. The scale is fully built and its height is 2mm 80cm and 60cm depth. The width of the cabinet with the left 2m 5m and the width of the right closet 3m 65m. The scale of this size will definitely put all the things you need. The construction of the closet does not require the extra costs of the material on the rear wall, bottom and ceiling, which significantly reduces the price. The shell is made of laminated wood and plum stove (LRS). The doors of the Raumplus system that move, as in the bath, do not require the space to open them. The model combines laminated wood and plum stoves and almau bouques. A total of 6 mobile doors are produced. Now a little filling. Inside the closet under the red doors, you can see a storage space for the smooth board, special sliding shoe storage boxes and a sliding tier VIBO of Italian production, a shoulder storage space, sliding boxes and shelves. The material used for the design of mobile boxes and holders is the chrome pipes of 25 mm and 50m diameter so called Joker.

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