Угловые шкафы размеры

Carbon Dimensions

2. Why do you want to put a door on the side of a shelf like an article or whatever?

3. Given that the upper shelves are at height ~180cm, they will not be used frequently. Should we replace them with a whole shelf of the same shape as the bottom and the top? This would provide a single large area compartment capable of absorbing a larger barachlo.

4. If the closet is relatively small, as in article 800m, at the width of the wall 450, it is easy to get to any point.
And I'd like to make walls 600 mm (to combine with straight-to-side closets), which will give a depth of at least 950, and the diagonal-to-door cut bottom will start to get in the closet.

Question: What if we do the bottom of "constituency," like if it were two closets, so you can get in?
It's clear that this will make it a little harder than design, but is there any other minus in this scheme?

2. It's kind of logical on the part of the pool, more freedom to access the payroll. I want a door on the other side, a closet to do in a mirror image. Not a dogma!

3. This is now due to design. If you do a whole shelf, you're gonna have to have a cunning wall to keep the top of the closet. The design does not complicate the child, but the benefits of this complexity = -0, 1

4. You can. For reasons of kitchen Carbon closet♪ The compound bottom is a cunning design, and the base needs to be further strengthened. But it has to be.

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