Гардеробный шкаф-купе на заказ

Garder Cupboard

Body. +7 812 243 00 44
Address: Russia, St. Petersburg, Kronverk p. 29 Pn-Pt from 11.00 to 21.00 / Sb-W from 11.00 to 19.00

A little about us:
Our specialization is the production of closets, doors and wardrobes on your wishes.
Our work will be fully constructed according to your needs. In our huge catalogue, you will be able to choose a suitable interior design.
Our company's doing any hard work, we can do the impossible!
Scafs, Door and the wardrobes we're supposed to be happy with your quality, and you can be sure of that.
All our clients come to us again! We are confident that you will remain satisfied with our work.

Our tasksa:
To create favourable conditions for a customer combining an acceptable price and a qualitative product.

It's found in the Red Harved District of St. Petersburg.

Materials used:

Corps materials:
▪ Egger Company.

We use the design and running part:
Raumplus system.
▪ Ideal system.
▪ Hettich system.

In the construction of our doors, we use:
ь Print
ированиеArt thinning
.Plenks Oracal, Solartek et al.

▪ Mirror
▪ Glass

We only select the most qualitative material for our production.

We are interested in a high level of service to our clients.

24 months old. ( Depending on the materials used)
In the event of the discovery of a productive marriage, we'll replace you with a free door.

All our suppliers have proven to be reliable partners in quality products, but if you have any wishes, we will certainly meet you.

Date of manufacture:
Depends on the complexity of work, on average up to 20 working days.

You can either take the product from our warehouse and set it up on your own, or provide us with a measurement, delivery and installation.

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