Шкаф угловой для одежды

Carbon Closet Photo

Space in the corners of the room is rarely useful. The best way to rationalize them is to buy a cornercase. He doesn't fall in the capacity of the usual closet with many advantages.

  • Carbon closet takes little space and uses space that is not normally used.
  • He fits into the interior of any size.
  • He doesn't miss the room visually because he looks less of his true size.

Finding a cornercase at the best price will help you at the First Furniture. Here we assembled more than 20 angular cabinet models in the living room or bedroom. In our catalogue, there are low-cost angular cabinets of our own production and the best models manufactured at partner factories. They are all classified according to several parameters.

1. Number of sections. We have compact cabinets with one door and several compartments with extra boxes and shelves.

2. Some of our models are located in two versions with the possibility of opening the door to the right or left. It's comfortable in small rooms with a lot of furniture.

3. All angular cabinets are manufactured from LDSPs with components from MDF, glass and artificial skin. A number of models have a high mirror.

4. In the colors of the corner closets in our catalogue, you will learn the traditional ones for the First Furniture Shadow:

  • oak;
  • Buc;
  • Venge;
  • Ores;
  • Palisandre;
  • Cilegio Nostrano.

All angular cabinet models in the bedroom and the living room with photos and prices will be found in the First Furniture Catalogue. When you choose, pay attention to a few councils. 1. Carbon closet with non-transparent doors visually reduces the room. If you buy Little cupboard Rooms, pick a closet with glass or mirror doors. 2. If you plan to keep in the closet not only clothes, but small things, you'll stop your choices on models with cages and drawers.

Use the help of our consultants if you can't pick a corner closet. You'll visit any of our stores in Tule or call 8,800,333 47 01.

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