Шкаф купе в прихожую

Skills For Similar Photos

Изготовление шкафов купе

Furniture - construction of closets

Skills are practical options for furniture to store clothing and other rim items in which classic spray doors are replaced by doors.
The technique of making a cupboard has its characteristics:
Through doors that move along the directional walls, these closets can be installed even in the smallest rooms and save the free space
The preparation of cupboards may be done without taking into account the free space in the room, as even if the doors of such a closet are still open, they still do not threaten the room.
In the construction of closets, a lot of design techniques can be used to make room not just functional but also stylish.
These closets are much safer than conventional ones, which is particularly relevant if small children are around.

Purchases of manufacture

By ordering the construction of cupboards in our company, you're getting quality furniture that's done on an individual project. Our retailers will consult you on all the questions, take measurements and then draw a design project. As we embark on the construction of the cupboard, we offer customers flexible price policies through a wide range of different materials and fountains.

Custody furniture

Furniture for the colour is one of the activities of ALDO. All the furniture options we produce for installing in the adjacent rooms are standard or individual projects and are collected from high-quality and time-tested components. Besides, our company can offer adapted underneath. closets as a supplement to existing furniture.

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