Внутреннее наполнение шкафов


The scales of different designs are very important furniture for the house because without them it would be very difficult to store beds, suits, dresses, jackets, coffers, trousers, and winter or summer clothes (which are not currently used).

Any closet is necessarily equipped with a lot of boxes, sliding boxes, holders, so the furniture box for closets is very important - it is the one that ensures the normal operation of the articles. However, it would be incorrect to say that such a fountain carries only a functional load, since the aesthetic part of the question should not be forgotten. For example, furniture pens are very important (in terms of design) elements. This is why the furniture foam is produced from a number of materials (not only wood, but also aluminium, chromium steel, plastic, etc.).

Furniture, like closets, becomes more popular every year, sales are constantly increasing, and explanations are very simple: very good appearance and good functionality. The product life is largely dependent on the materials used, and in the case of functionality, this is determined by the quality of the box for the closet.

The Mir of the built-in Mebéli offers a wide range of foams that allow for different schemes filling of closets- purchase. You can now purchase from us:

  • Mobile shelves and boxes;
  • bars;
  • pallets;
  • Framework for hinged nets;
  • Carpets;
  • abdomen holder;
  • Stockholders;
  • shirt lifts, skirts, etc.;
  • other useful things.

We've only listed some kind of furniture boxes for the cupboards you can buy from our company. The full range of proposed products is available on the Internet store pages.

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