Современные идеи дизайна

Ideas Of Design

A nice card for our apartment. And her design, we usually pay the least attention. Now you have a chance to fix this!

She's the first to see the guests coming into your house. And the first impression is very important, so try to set space in the corridor so that it would enjoy the eye. In addition, the palace must be not only beautiful, but also functional.

If you've decided to update or make the design of the hallways, you should know that there's something special here. Usually, all kinds of things are small, so the main task is to make it comfortable, beautiful and comfortable.

Disein of the Lord

The most important thing in the design is rationality. Everything needs to be tripped so that it doesn't work, but it's a good complement to each other.

  • If you're talking about the walls, you can put them in the walls, For example, in the net, it will result in a similar visual increase in size.
  • You don't have to put a foot on the floor because of his bad wear, it's best to wash the floor with vain.
  • Good lighting is an important point in the hallway, So it's best to get a small lighter, but it's desirable to have a light open so that the whole light falls in the hallway and not in the abacco.
  • The perfect closet in the hallway can only be built, and there's no space, and things can be put on a lot. And for those who don't have the opportunity to do Buy a little closet. and a convenient set, for example, a shoe, a cream cabinet, and some kind of coma for small things like keys.
  • The main thing is, there's no extra space in the hallway, and then your comrade will become compact and interesting.
  • One of the mistakes in laying the hallway is a practical approach. And the darkest comedy is often separated in dark tones.
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