Двери купе с вставкой ротанг

Door Photo

Раздвижные двери купе

Photo: sliding doors


If you have already made your choice in favour of beautiful and long-term doors from a wealth of valuable wood, you will certainly appreciate the uniqueness of the products of the ALDO company you have performed for you from the natural tree, intercommunity doors and partitions.
The ALDO trademark products include European traditions of wood production and processing, democracies in price education and the innovative development of best Italian producers ' door-to-door arrangements.
Modern production technologies provide the highest quality of our products, showing the natural texture of the natural tree and the original product surface.

Currency and partition of individual design

Doors and partitions are designed on the basis of individual design, creating a comfort space in a high style, combining naturality, ecologicality and uniqueness into the product. Given the personal preferences and thinness of the interrier ' s details through the ALDO consultant designers, as well as the possibilities of modern original decoration materials, we will create an individual item of superior quality for you.
The value of European products is much higher and no Russian manufacturer doors No similar quality is produced. We love our work and guarantee that our partitions and the mechanisms we have applied will serve for many years.

О межкомнатных дверях Двери купе

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