шкафа-купе в гостиной

Hotel With The Closet Of The Interior Design

Мебель для гостинной на заказThe living room is a central place in an apartment where guests tend to have a taste of the owner of the apartment or house. It is therefore very important that the living furniture be not only convenient and stylish, but that it fits in the general design of the interior.
A wide range of modern closets, living room walls and other furniture is now offered to consumers. As a result, depending on their own preferences and space, both a ready set of furniture for the living room (stains, hulls and other items in one style and colour gamma) and individual interrier elements, such as the coloured shelves, the living room walls and other furniture, can be obtained.
Our company produces and operates hull and modular furniture for the living room. Our specialists will help you determine the best option of living room furniture, depending on your preferences. You can order walls, mountains, closets and stuff. In addition, experienced interior designers are capable of creating individual guests for the order.
The main advantage of the living room furniture is practical. It can be released in the form of both a series and an exclusive interface. Our specialists are always prepared to create comfortable and beautiful casings for you, shelves, shelves, hotel cabinets and other items.
Modular furniture for the living room enables the design of the room to be modified by altering certain interior items.
We take into account the financial capacity of our clients, so we are prepared to offer favourable terms of cooperation and acceptable prices for all types of living furniture.
Tortadore would be very happy to help make your living room beautiful, stylish and cozy.

Design plays a very important role. The bathing suite in the living room is capable of being a real art work if you trust it to be produced by the factory ' s masters. Glass and wooden surfaces, metal foam, mirrors - Your ability can be limited to budget. Neither will the cost be a barrier to quality.

Where to see our furniture:

  • Moscow, IKAD 33 km, Warsaw-33 TC, Section 1 Furniture Furniture Furniture,
  • g. Lubbers, at the factory's address.
  • Invite BETSLATNO to the house of a merchant with a catalogue of all samples of materials and complete photocalogue of articles.

Order I can call you. We wait for your calls from 8 to 20 every day, except Sunday, to check the modular system prices in the living room, to calculate the price of modular furniture on the order.

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