шкаф-купе с фотопечатью

Warehouse Doors

Зеркальная дверь купе (бронза - серебро)The doors are one of the key areas of production and trade of the Complekt CPD. You can order doors for a closet or wardrobe practically any decor from a reliable aluminium sliding system: the most popular German brand of RAUMPLUS, as well as the profiles of a more democratic price group Aristo and Raumplus, choosing any, including the most original filling.

(1) Full mirror doors. Filling is a silver mirror and a bronze.

The silver mirror has cold but clearer lighting. With the bronze mirror, the reflection is warmer; it is more appropriate for interiors with warm tones and retro-reflected.

(2) Doors full of CPDs.

The textur loin of the MTSP panel, which is simulated by wood, is very useful in highlighting the heat of the interior in which the type of sliding door is used. The large range of decorative coatings and shades makes this option universal in use (inspect the colours of Egger).

(3) Targeting.

Glass doors are generally used in places where the transparency of the glazing is beneficial to the objects stored outside the door. This decision is very good, combined with the internal lighting of the cupboard. The lighting makes the price of the closet slightly higher, but the effect is worthwhile.Стеклянные прозрачные двери-купе This type of shaft will be highly relevant for both the living room and the kitchen.

(4) Doors--Piece of matt glass, gravit.

As in the previous version, the matt glass door has an indisputable plus in the interior decoration of the original lighting solution. Also, doors with such filling are often used as intercommunity or wardrobe doors.

It will be especially original to look at a combined door where the matum is only part of the surface. The door-to-door gravit will make it possible to uniquely uniquely the external design. See details of the Pestrophic Processing of glass, mirrors, gravity.

Двери-купе с заполнением ДСП Матовое стекло в качестве заполнения межкомнатной раздвижной двери Стеклянное полотно с декоративным пленочным покрытием Oracal Дверь ротанг - эксклюзив среди раздвижных дверей

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