Внутреннее наполнение шкафа

Internal Filling Of The Closet

Special features of the internal filling of the cabinet in the bedroom

Most of the closets in the bedroom are the best option for those who don't have a separate wardrobe room.

When the design and size of the storage system is completed, the internal filling of the cabinet is to be determined in the bedroom. If there's only three possibilities in the usual closet: to put on the shoulders, to lay on the shelves or to remove them in the sliding boxes, the construction of the bill offers greater possibilities. There are many special devices for keeping things in the closet shop that will make it more functional and user-friendly.

The total volume of the closet can be distributed as follows:

Lower shoe storage;
The middle part is the central part of the closet, there are stored things that are routinely used;
Upper - there are things that are used rarely or during a given season.

Recommendations on how to fill a closet

1. The number of doors should be equal to the number of internal sections, otherwise the closet would be uncomfortable. Two offices per door may be accommodated at large.
2. The shoulder strap shall be placed in that part of the closet with a depth of at least 60 cm and a width of 90 cm.
3. Counting the width of the sections to fill the cupboard in the bedroom, mean that the shelves should not be half-metre, otherwise they would be uncomfortable. The optimum width is 60 cm.
4. Between the shelves, the distance of at least 35 to 40 cm (if you're going to keep underwear).
5. The standard height of the shoulder section is 170-190 cm (for long items) and 110-120 cm (for short clothing). It may vary depending on the growth and length of clothing. The height of the section can be calculated on its own, so it is necessary to measure the height of the clothing and add 20 cm (this height of the shoulders and the attachment of the pants).
6. Upper shelves (antresoli) make the rest wider, about half a m high. You can keep big things, bags, bags.
7. Based on the internal filling of the bedroom closet, consider that approximately 10 cm deep will go to the installation of the sliding door system. At least 55 cm will be needed on the shoulder clothes.
8. Small clothing items (lower laundry, handkerchiefs, etc.) are more convenient to be stored in sliding boxes.
9. Mobile drawers need to be positioned so that they do not cross the doors, or they will not move. In closets with four doors, there are virtually no inaccessible areas and there can be boxes anywhere.
10. If a moving box has a pen, it should not be delivered to the door, it should be taken into account when designing the closet.
11. In order to fill the closet, select boxes on the charico-pound propulsion system-- such a box can be fully removed without risk, which makes its use more convenient.
12. If you provide for long (more than 80 cm) shelves, they shall have a backup system underneath, otherwise the shelves may run. The same applies to long clothing machines (more than 100 cm). In such cases, in the middle, it shall be fixed with a vertical braid located on the floor and the ceiling.
13. It is not recommended that lighting inside the closet be much easier to equip him with a visor with built-in point lights. It'll give you an opportunity to equit all the contents of the closet.
14. If a large antresole is planned, it is recommended to be placed under the general doorsit's cheaper than the cost (because there's no need to order some. ♪

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