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Clothing Cabinet In Internal Filling


1. Savings. The standard cabinet with conventional doors should be available to open these doors, which means that part of the area becomes a zone that cannot be used. The doors of the type of purchase are deficient, so one of the most important advantages of the design is saving the place in the apartment.

2. Big capacity. The closet shall be stored with all the volume placed under it in all directions (deep, width, altitude).

4. Multifunctional. In the cupboards, you can keep anything from clothing and books to stuffed appliances.

5. Any internal filling. You can arrange a closet on your own choice, but you're the only one who determines how many rooms it will be, how many baskets, how many jacks, and where they will be located. There are rooms for household appliances, smooth boards, and even a small working place in such a closet.

6. It fits for narrow spaces. One of the advantages of the closets is the possibility of building them even in very narrow places in the apartment. The moving doors won't eat space.

7. Zoning. With such a closet, a studio-type room or apartment can be divided into functional areas. It is easy, however, to create an illusion of the insulation of the space - for example, one of the moving doors may be accessing another area. The space is saved because the wall in the room will be replaced by furniture.

8. Disein for any taste. Unlike the closets, the design of the closet you can choose on your own, and as close as possible to the interior of your apartment. The possibilities of using different colours and materials for the processing of their facades should also be considered to be obvious. As a result, they can fit into every environment.

9. Green surfaces. They will help to make the narrow space wider, shorter to longer, give volume and increase lighting in areas where light is not sufficient. Moreover, it would not be necessary to purchase a separate “growth” mirror in order to be able to look at itself fully.

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