Сборка шкафа

The Scarf Comes With My Hands

Преимущество самостоятельного создания мебелиThe decision to make a closet in a suitcase arises for many reasons. The appropriate option is not, the design is too expensive, and what can be bought doesn't fit in the slack size of the adjacent. The materials for their own production will be the only waste, and the wardrobe created will be proud of the whole family.

The advantage of self-sustaining furniture is that you can choose any fascinating design without overpaying the brand. A little bit of effort, and I'm coming to steal a low-cost alternative to IKEA or any other known mark. And it's particularly interesting to design an interior of a little parlor.

Каким должен быть шкаф в прихожейWhat's the closet in the hallway?

The requirements depend on the original form of the closet in the come-in, so the design and functionality of the closet needs to be considered in advance. What must be in such furniture:

  • shoulder pants (transverse or longitudinal);
  • daily clothing hooks;
  • Headlamps (possible)
  • The shoe.

This list can be expanded by mirrors and mobile accessories. All requirements need to be included in the drawings as well as the size of the future closet.

When the original data are collected, it's time to go to the construction store for the materials. You can buy hooks and shoulder pants and order the ready design of facades and shelves.Особенности сборки встроенного шкафа After that, we'll just have to get the closet with a snoop.

How cheaper is it?

The CPD price is not more than 4,000 roubles.

The DVP will cost 500 roubles.

It's 500 roubles.

Couple of MDF doors with mirrors - 8, 5,000 roubles.

Average price with your hands. - 13, 5,000 roubles.

Такой шкаф бывает разных видовClear savings are between 10 and 15,000 roubles.

Special features of a built-in closet

The built-in closet can be installed along the wall, creating an artificial niche from the hippocartone. Carcasses (from wood or metal profiles) are made and attached to the floor.

The carcass frames are designed separately and the floor and wall interfaces are marked. Carcas needs a few millimeters below the ceiling.

Особенности сборки обувного шкафаFirst, the side frame is set, because it's easier and then it's frontal.

In order to avoid problems related to the unevenness of the walls, a small gap between them and carcasses must be left. Once the frame is connected, the position of the small clinics is equal.

The ready carcass is sewn up by a hyposocarton that needs to be pre-cut according to measurements. Then the design is packed and sliphed, and then the shelves and doors can be installed.

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