Шкафы угловые в детскую

Carbon In The Children ' S Room

The children ' s room, we tend to be very careful. I want to leave the maximum space here, but not at the expense of functionality. In the end, the child needs to move much and actively, and the power of furniture in the room won't work. That is why, in recent years, carcases have become the most popular solution for the children ' s room.

5 reasons for choosing a cornercase

  1. Capacity♪ In a small area occupied, such a closet is capable of absorbing much more than his “classical” colleague. Free space is saved by the closet being easily in the corner of the room.
  2. Visual perception♪ If you put a regular and angular closet with the same space, you'll find a little smaller. Accordingly, the less cumbersome furniture in the nursery, the easier it will be for you.
  3. Different forms. The angular closet, unlike conventional rectangular, may have different variations of shape - both the triangle and the letter " G " , and even the tube.
  4. Labelling♪ With a coal closet, it's very easy to disguise the various mischiefs, from the unsuccessful " backset " of the rims in the corner to the tubes that you think do not add harmony to the outside of the room.
  5. Originality. As is well known, children appreciate all the unusual, so such soft furniture will have to be showered.

There's a big choice in Stolplit. Carbon closets

In the internet store of Stolplit, your attention is drawn to angular cabinets of various shapes and colours. You'll probably be able to get yourself a closet that can easily fit into an existing interior. If you're well undergoing major repairs and a major upgrade of the furniture is planned, then through our 3D furniture refining program, you can easily design the whole room.

Buying furniture from us, you make the best choice not only for the baby, but for the whole apartment. The Stolplit Fabric produces quality, solid, reliable and durable furniture, which is what you want from it first. We use the highest-grade and cleanst materials. If you want to see the furniture before buying, touch it, we're ready to give you this opportunity in one of the 2,000 stores all over Russia. And if you've already decided, do the order and wait for the delivery soon enough!

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