Как выбрать шкаф-купе

How To Pick A Cupboard In The Bedroom

If you decide to buy or order yourself a closet, take your time. It could be like some of my friends. You come to them in the hall and there's a beautiful, big closet, and there's a beautiful door next to him. It's right next to her, because she flew out of a guide in the first six months after they were mounting a closet. And now she's standing in a row, strapping to the wall peacefully and acting as a big mirror.
Which one?
The creation of cohabitation in the house may be a speech if there is a house
False things.

How is it right to choose a closet so that there is no such problem or misunderstanding,
I don't want you to waste your money.

First of all, it is best to draw up a list of " hot spots " and, in choosing the closet, to agree with the designer or with the firm where you will order or buy a closet, to go through each item separately.

Как выбрать шкаф-купе First:

It must be understood that, over the years and with new family spikes, the number of things is growing. That's why don't you limit yourself to the necessary shelves and drawers, and you better order the closet at once more appropriate.


Remember that the function of the rear wall, side panels, the bottom and the roof of the closet can carry out the walls of your apartment and floor.

There's one nuance here, the walls don't have to be hypsocartoned because the hypsocarton is quite soft, and it won't hold that load.

Pay attention to the door opening mechanism.

First, it's the most common opening mechanism when the door is placed in a metal frame and moving on a special pause on the rollers.

The second, less common, but more reliable, when the rolls move through a monorail.

Why is the first type of mechanism less reliable: if the door is tall, the skate can slip away from the direction at a severe impact (which occurred in my acquaintances), the movement may interfere with the dust or some object in the waist. Pas will have to be vacuumed all the time.

The second option is, when the skate moves through a monorail, although more expensive, but the role is equipped with a special device that prevents it from slipping from the track. It's also protected against alien objects.

Look at the profiles on which doors move. They're usually two species from aluminium and steel. The aluminium system is more silent, and it is more accurate, because the rolls are hidden inside (the steel roll is located on the inside of the door). Accordingly, the aluminium system is more expensive.

But there's a minus in the aluminium system - it's less long than steel. If the steel is almost forever, the aluminium will serve you for five to seven years.

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