Дизайн прихожей в скандинаском

Privacy In The Private House

zx4s z4x2 qw 85It's the face of any apartment. As the theater begins with the braces, any apartment starts from this place. Every guest who comes to your house will have the first impression of your apartment when you look at your arrival.

It is necessary to start with the selection of wall and floor materials, first and foremost they should be practical, sustainable to wash, easy to wash. Ceramic plugs, linoleums, can also be used as a cork for singleton, dark tones with short plugs to facilitate cleaning.

The walls use rims that simulate brick, stone, tree, plug. It's a worthy option, a probe, a material that's natural and very practical. The two of us better choose the bright tones because the commons are mostly light. Let's talk about the lighting.

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Now, the stores are offering a huge choice of bells and lights that have matttresses or, for example, light is directed to the ceiling. And, of course, don't forget the local lighting, particularly near the mirror. Since the commons are mostly small, better use. built-in closet, he's a fitting, with a sufficient number of boxes, gloves and scarfs, with top clothing units, and some household pets, such as a vacuum cleaner, a smooth board, a suitcase or a toolbox, can also be accommodated.

If sliding doors make mirrors, it'll help optically expand the space. An intact attribution of the design of the parishes in the private house was a shoe and a cocode. Komods can be hung or traditionally laid on the floor. There's also a lot of things in them: umbrellas, bags, and, uh, different things.zx4s z4x2 qw 85ssv Well, there's most of the things we've put in place, but we need to keep something out of sight to create a cozy, home environment.

The interrier can paint a beautiful lamp with the abacry by putting it on a dresser or a beautiful vase. On the wall, hang one big picture or a few little ones, put the original key at the door. A small float or a chair may be envisaged for ease. Also at the front doors, an umbrella set, an open bucket, a decorative box for the cheeks.

By designing parishes in a private house, don't overdo small accessories: when they're too much, it's a sense of disorder. And the last part of the interrier should be a rug with the words “Please!"

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