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Puppet In A Small Bedroom Design Photo

It's a story of how to donate a big decor to keep a full double bed. And one thing, add a room of ease and simplicity.

In this picture of the design of a small bedroom wall behind headlines up to the ceiling of wooden panels, the ceiling is decorated by a more complex decor from the same material.

The headache. Mod high backs, stews, figures, take a large volume and look unreasonably loud in a small room. Instead, we can use a low back panel or pull a wall behind a high drop of decorative panels.

The height of the bed. The greater the height of the bed, especially the double, the closer the room becomes. The terrestrial bed is visually blended from the lower plane and leaves most of the interior open to view.

3. Use the suspension furniture.

The suspension. It's quite possible to replace the toilet table, and space under the table will be free. The mirror, the usual, or the hold, is attached to the wall next to it.

The underwear consoles are saving a lot. Use them instead of the tomb and the toilet table.

Instead of covert tombs. The sleep area will be much more compact if the massive navy cartons are to be switched to lungs with thin legs and small substrates, or to small hinged tables. If the size of the room is very small, the covert tubes and tables can be abandoned at all.

There's no room in the little bedroom for TV-tumbs and waste. Get the tech to the wall with the kronsteins.

Blow the TV. Since a rare bedroom goes without a TV, saving the place by lack of a booby-trap will help secure the wall, stationary or turning.

4. Give preference to compact subjects

Lighters. High desktop lamps underneath the abs are not for a small bedroom. Instead, small bras are preferred. The powdered ceiling, especially if the ceiling is low, replaces the flat plate plate or several built lamps. The plaphone will be appropriate if it is collected in the flow of the ceiling (white on white, for example).

Puff instead of chair. He'll give the bedroom a feminine character, and he'll successfully replace the orange seat next to the toilet table.

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