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Squad In A Small-Time Picture Of Design

The dynamic of the narrow parish is a special approach in selecting the constituents. Already in the repair phase, owners need to think about future designs to make maximum comfort and cozy. Special attention should be paid to the selection of adjacent corridors, which should be as compact and functional as possible.

Almost every owner of the apartment dreams of a simple corridor. Not everyone can brag about that dignity. The owner of the small corridor is trying to shape it as efficiently and organically as possible, and the design of a narrow leather can only be created by knowing the basic rules and design secrets. Based on this room, there's a feeling about your apartment. On the basis of the basic design conditions, a fairly attractive room can be created that will be put into the eye. This article will help you make an attractive entrance from the narrow corridor in 2016, as well as identify the main features of this exercise to make it qualitative.

How to form a narrow corridor

Not every furniture fits to be installed in a cuff. This room has special ideas that need to be taken into account in the selection of furniture. The furniture distributed in the adjacent rooms should not only fit into the general interface, but also have technical and functional components. The owners don't threaten her with a lot of furniture. Furnitures are installed in the corridor:

  • Tumba;
  • Warehouse;
  • Floor;
  • Top racks;
  • Comodes;
  • Puffy.

These ideas on the use of furniture will help not only underline the attractiveness of your corridor, but also make it more comfortable in day-to-day operation. There's no need to bury a place in the corridor with a lot of furniture. It's only negative. Even if you're counting on your space, you shouldn't.

Visual effects can be created by fixed mirrors. We'll figure out the detailed application of this idea later. Let's just say we don't need to be confined to one mirror. A few large mirrors on the perimeter of the corridor will provide a cave of greater space, light and common attraction. And the additional photos that are installed can completely transform the room.

A mild comrade may include hidden furniture that is mounted in the walls. This not only saves space, but makes your corridor more comfortable and functional. It needs to be taken into account when repairs are under way.

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