Diesin Of Roommates

DINEZ (Dzine) can be commissioned by a stiff and modern design project. The pilots, working on the project, will take into account all the features of the geometry of the apartment, assist in the selection of decorative elements and furniture for the halls.

Disein of the Lord

Very often, the congregation in the apartments is marked by attention. In doing repairs, the owners of apartments forget to turn to professionals and design a suitable design for the premises. But it's when I come to see relatives and guests when they cross the door.

Every day, a loved one will provoke and meet all family members. It also performs a number of other very important functions. Therefore, design is as important as the interior of another apartment.

The experimental designers working in the DZINE interior studios can turn every fit into a worthy representative of the apartment. A beautiful, cozy and convenient comrade would welcome its owners for a long time.

Development of the interface of the

The most important minus of the parish to be drawn to the attention of designers is the lack of natural lighting. In addition, many similarities, especially for model apartments, narrow and lengthy. There are many doors. That's why they often call the hallways. DZINE's technicians are skilled to cover all the disadvantages of the parish and to give its dignity well.

Professional designers, using original lighters, can visually increase the room. By means of well-designed lighting, different areas in the room can be distinguished. In addition, much attention should be paid to the choice of suitable furniture for the rooms.

All models should be not only beautiful, but also functional, compact. DZINE ' s experienced professionals will assist in the selection of inter-issuers and furniture and will provide qualified advice. They know all the thinness and nuances of space.

Suitable and style interior design It will be possible to use interesting designer thinking. The Portfolio section can look at various photos of stylish and modern comrade. All projects presented in this section have been implemented by our staff. Using the photos, you'll be able to figure out the most appropriate way to get a suite.

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