Угловые шкафы в прихожую

Coal Cabinet In A Coma

This type of furniture is now incredibly popular. You can see corner couches, walls, computer tables, rooms. People appreciate all these products and are happy to buy them. That's not surprising. Such furniture has a number of advantages. First of all, she's pretty fit. Secondly, small space can be used more effectively, so for example, for close loved ones, this is one of the best options. Thirdly, its owners have the opportunity to " turn " narrow sheets around inter-community doors, which are usually free, into a useful area. Fourthly, such furniture is capable of adjusting to some extent poor planning.

Coal: selection rules

The great features of the typical small apartments are very small and narrow corridors, for which it is difficult to obtain steel and beautiful furniture. It must be borne in mind that this furniture should be functional. The obligatory attribute of any comrade is a closet that often contains not only upper clothing but also some other items (usually rarely used). Don't waste your headband and the shoebox. I wish there was a mirror in the hall. In addition, some of them place the tombs, the hangers. Many people think there should be a domestic cell in the corridor.

Thus, several furniture items are required to be located in a small area, as well as a poorly designed area. Refusal of one of them is likely to lead to discomfort, because each item has a function. What do we do in this situation? The extraction will be made by angular commencing with all the advantages mentioned above. They fit for both small square corridors and narrow and long corridors. We'll give you some advice to guide the choice of a specific model.

  1. If you have a very small corridorI'd rather give a preference to the furniture of the light shades. This will make the room look a little bit more.
  2. If the corridor is narrow, the light furniture, on the other hand, will not make the best impression. In this case, it is advisable to choose a place whose colour is saturated and deep.
  3. That's a great option. Carbon closethaving a mirror door. The mirror has visually increased space. In addition, it would dismiss the purchase of mirrors on the wall of the parish.
  4. If the corridor is too smalland the things that need to be placed in the hallway, much, should be mentioned in models with a sufficient number of shelves.
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