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MOSKWA, 5 March (RIA News, Svetlan Yankin), a wooden house in Zandam, in the Netherlands, where Petr Veliki began opening a window in Europe, will survive at least 100 years after his re-establishment following the recent renovation on 8 March, the curator of the Farida Guseynov Museum informed RIA News.
"All work was completed as planned and for the time. Reconstruction started last November. Sometimes I had to work on the weekends and even at night, " said Guseynov.
A house built in 1632 may brag about the remarkable history and connection with the Russian imperial dynasty and many known names that have regularly visited a remarkable house for centuries. Many memorial stoves can be found on its walls, as a reminder of the visits of the Russian royal family, including Napoleon and the poet Vasili Zukowski, who mentored the future Emperor Alexander II and praised Petra the Great in his clothes.
In the summer of 1697, Peter arrived incognito in the Netherlands to work for a verphie in Zandam. During his free time, he visited local factories, factories and other facilities. The rumors of his presence are spreading quickly and curious visitors to Zandam to see the Russian king. As a result, Peter was forced to go to Amsterdam, where he continued to develop his carpenter skills. He spent only eight days in Zandam and later paid short visits to towns, but the house became important to the Russian royal family. It belonged to an alternative to the Dutch and the Romanov dynasty as caring for the house.
The first defence was built when it belonged to Anne, the daughter of Paul I, who received it as a gift from his father-in-law, the Dutch Emperor of Vilhelm I of the Netherlands. The son of Anne, Wilhelm III, introduced his Russian Emperor Alexander III, who ordered the house to be built on the stone foundation and iron-bone. Protective lid of brick and fence designed by Zalm architect during Nicola II. This is the house now.
Reconstruction is mainly focused on strengthening the floors and foundations of Euro725,000, a significant portion of the Summa Group funds (President of the Ziyawoodin Magomedov Board is a member of the Great Theatre and WSIS Boards).
In addition, the house was equipped with new concrete floors and " scattered lighting " , and control equipment increased climate and roof protection.

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