Прихожие и шкафы в коридор от


Issued: 2-room apartment (EURODYSKA-Kitchen 35mm2) (new)
Address: Ul Sobola 19
Value: 23 990 +K
Area : Large river

Dop: 12 floor from 25th. The CVARTYRA team in the new house! TOTAL 100 per cent, room 2 SPEAL DIVAN and 2 SPE, 2 large CupeFurniture in the great state of New York, all technicians (frigerator, barbed surface, staple mastinine, look at any living, can be with a cat, CENA SHOTST, excellent location, near ASHAN, IKEY, PARKOVA, enclosed area, very beautiful
Call at any time, or write in a pen.

Contact person: Anton

Telephone: 5 When you call Drague, the agent will try to provide a better service for your positive feedback.

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