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2. Cooking space. Cook Islands

In standard apartments, kitchens with dimensions 6, 8 or 10 square metres are most common. As a rule, everyone tries to build a kitchen garnit along one wall or angle. It's not always the only option. Try to consider the parallel placement of furniture on two walls or use the wall with a window. By the way, a lot of people are afraid to put furniture under the window, so the battery's in the closet, it's gonna get warm. If the height of the window allows (height from the floor 83-90 cm or above), it is possible to put closets along the window. We just need to move them away from the wall to the width of the battery (10-15 cm), make the dining room wide, and it's got warm air vents. So that the food in the closets is not warmed up by the batteries, you can store pots and dishes instead.

Also very comfortable in the area of kitchen islands. A lot of people think it's hard to make an island, not every kitchen factory, but it's misleading. The buildings can be made from the usual standard bases of any kitchen, just adding a table. The sizes can be any, everything depends on space. It's convenient to use this island both as a table. In some cases, it can even replace a full lunch table. There are many options.

Moreover, there is no need to ignore the simple rule in the kitchen of the " kitchen triangle " when the refrigerator, the stove and the washing are in the corners of the triangle is the most convenient option for the owner.

In the kitchen, the height is very important, it's worth thinking in advance. If your growth is lower than average, it'll be extremely uncomfortable to use the hinged cabinets. With regard to the fitting of furniture, the boxes in the combination of closets are much more practical than the spray door. Of course, the cost of sliding mechanisms is more expensive, but it's worth it.

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