Precise Interface

Colour, light and space

Cold, warmer, still warmer... The colour spectrum is known to be divided into warm and cold parts. The first includes red, orange, yellow and intermediate shades. Cold colors: blue, blue, green and their shades.

The warm colours are spectacularly reducing space, but at the same time creating an illusion of greater lighting. It is therefore recommended that they be used in dark surroundings.

Cold colors of the spectrum - blue, blue and green (including indigo shades, sea waves, purple and bruise) - are suitable for brightly lighted rooms. They are believed to increase their space visually.

In the photo:

The shades of purple visually extend the space of a well-lighted space.

We learn to combine. In the design of the interior, it is important not only to " thetemperature " but also the saturation of colour. Light heat shades can expand, and dark colds, on the contrary, narrow space. Such knowledge allows the geometry of the room to be corrected. It's worth painting the ceiling in a darker colour than the walls and floors, and the height of the room is drastically reduced. To give color to one of the thorns walls, and by pulling the parish will acquire a form close to the cube.

Colour and emotion

Black and white gamma. The psychological effects of colour cannot be forgotten. For example, black is oppressive, especially if you're not ready to overpaid the power of lights in the hallway. The same applies to white colour, the predominance of which, under artificial lighting, makes the interior furious. The most winning of their background is the gray, calm and neutral shade.

Black is synonymous with elegance and mysteriousness, but it's important to choose the colors of the company. The general neutral and clutch-eyed background with the rightly selected color accent will allow blacks to show their best qualities.

The bright colors. Bros, saturated colours, say, bright red, act excitement and can cause exhaustion with long contact. But in the entrance area of your home, you hardly spend more than five minutes a day. So if you're ready to experiment with color, it's the best place for that.

It's up to you to decide. interior design the same colour, the use of contrasting colour stains or several shades of one tone. One colour can be distinguished, for example, by a closet, and the other elements of an interior can be fixed by making it as neutral as possible.

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